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In Tri St Lucia, we’re constantly trying to grow our site while making it better. The way we do this is by hiring content creators with a deep love and knowledge for the sport we’re trying to showcase.

We’ve had very good experiences with individuals who were professionals inside this sport’s industry who are willing to write in order to contribute with our blog.

Although we can consider sports enthusiasts to fill in, and we have several of those working for us, the main focus is to find people who are, or were, players, trainers, managers, directors, or anything related to the soccer industry.

We love sports, and we love soccer the most. It’s necessary for Tri St Lucia to be sure that every writer has a deep commitment to our movement, to our mission.

If you think you have the English skills and the professional background to discuss soccer topics the right way, send us a resume/CV to [email protected]

If you’re just a sports fan who’s willing to put the effort to learn more than ever before, we can consider you for covering different events. Don’t be afraid and send your resume too.

In Tri St Lucia, we think that is best to blog about things we really know about, and our search for talented writers is based on that mindset. Our readers demand the best content possible, and we’re working hard to deliver.