5 Things to Consider When Defending in a Soccer Match

Soccer rules are so simple that you can’t define how to play a match by just reading them. Over the years, different tactics and formations were created in order to discover a way of beating more teams. While this freedom can be a beautiful thing, it can lead to many players to not understand where they are moving.

Soccer can be pretty not accessible for new players, as it looks like a skillful sport to play. The most important thing is that through practice, everyone can get better. In Tri St Lucia, we’re trying to teach more people how to play properly. These are the things to consider when playing on the defending side of a soccer match:


Delay is the ability of a defense crew to slow down an attacking side’s advances through the pitch and lower their chances of success. When applying pressure, the defender must be careful to not over-commit with a bad tackle because with one defender out of the equation, is pretty simple to create an effective play.


This refers to the guarding position of a defending side when someone is pressuring the ball. The teammates should position themselves in order to protect the space if that defender gets beaten. This maneuver is called defensive covering and it’s used in professional matches every weekend.

def - 5 Things to Consider When Defending in a Soccer Match


This also refers to the position of teammates while some of them are pressuring the ball on a sector of the pitch. Those who aren’t pressuring must retain balance by checking the line and trying to position themselves to cover those spaces as forwards seek these spaces to penetrate the defense.


This is a key element of defending in soccer matches and refers to mental constrain. Many players aren’t thinking too much while defending. This shouldn’t be the case, as any mistakes can create more opportunities for the attacking side. Everyone must be focused and retaining balance at all times.


This is one of the most important elements of professionalized soccer. Compactness refers to the positional awareness of every defender while moving in the pitch. A defending team must know how to limit the space of play in certain areas of the pitch, but in recreational soccer, this can be hard to perform properly.

Although these are simple guidelines for newer players, everyone should try to understand these basic concepts. We all have seen that extremely talented player who ruins too many chances due to not knowing these simple principles, but this list can help many of those.

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