The 4 Best Drills to Practice with a Partner

Let’s be honest, not many people like to practice religiously to get good at a hobby. Most of us just like to spend time with friends and family instead of lonely soccer practice sessions. The reality is that, unless you’re trying to get in a professional team, your priorities aren’t in sync with long practices.

But, what if you could have a friend over for practice sessions? When in the company of a friend, our discipline levels go up because of our competitive nature with sports and we can finish our practice sessions in a better fashion. Here are the most effective two-man one-ball drills to perfect:

Passes on the surface

This is the most basic drill to practice with a friend. The one who serves may only send the ball to the receiver using an inside-of-the-foot push pass. The receiver should then quickly pass the ball back, directing the shot to the server’s position. Although basic, this is fundamental in these sessions.

padd - The 4 Best Drills to Practice with a Partner

Passes high on the air

This is a more complex version of the last drill. The one who serves just needs to send an under-hand arching ball to the receiver, who will then control the ball and return it in the same fashion. It can be done in one touch but two-touches variations should be practiced.

Passes on the air and returns on the surface

The server should pass the ball just like we explained in the last drill, but returns must be made by letting the ball touch the ground after the first control and then hitting it hard right when it touches the floor. This is a harder variation and it improves control and pace.

Same drills while moving

These drills aren’t realistic, but they get the job done. If you want to make it more like a real match, you have to add movement to them. Try doing these drills while running from one side of the pitch to the other maintaining the same distance between the partners during the whole drill.

Now, it’s time to practice if you want to get better. You just need to talk to some friends and plant the soccer seed in their heads. While they start seeing the progress regarding their skills, they will get addicted to the training. The only thing necessary is the will to get out a practice.

In Tri St Lucia, we’re excited to show new ways for normal people to start playing soccer. Getting more people into it will just improve your level of play, as competition makes us better.

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