The Best 3 Drills for Improving Your Penalty Kicks

Practicing is not everyone’s cup of tea, but perfecting a move or a skill and see your progression is a marvelous process. In soccer, this is one of the most important principles to understand if you want to become a good team player, as the team with more practice is the one with more capacities most of the time.

Although many people will just quit entirely before even getting good at the game, some of us would love some guidance in order to make good practice sessions and actually get better when gathering with friends to play. Here are the most common drills to improve your penalty kicking skills:

Use a Blindfold

The goal of this simple drill is to get a sense of where the goal is and how big it is when you’re standing on that spot in the pitch. Just try taking penalty kicks and scoring with the blindfold on. This will slowly but surely give you more positional awareness while improving your kicking technique.

Use a Little Goal

Full-sized goals are perfect for the blindfolded drills, as it teaches you how big it is without watching it. This time is different, this is about distance. Just stand about 25ft away from that little goal and start practicing shots from there. After that kind of practice, taking penalty kicks will feel like a breeze.

Use the Whole Pitch

This is one hard drill to practice, as most people will just quit. Stand on one corner and take shots to the goal curling the ball in the air. Then, do it on the other corner with your weak foot. For a harder variation, try the same drill but hitting just the crossbar, and then with your weak foot on the other side. Good luck with that!

Trying these drills won’t instantly make you a great player, but it will surely start the progression game. When you start realizing you’re a better player due to these practice sessions, you’ll get addicted to it. That’s how legendary players are made, through practice and passion.

Show these drills to your friends and start trying different things. Soccer is something to enjoy with a group of people, and you can be the one leading them just by knowing these simple tricks. While this won’t happen overtime, with dedication, you can become a player who surprises people with talent on the pitch, and that’s a great way if you ask us.

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