Singapore- The Hub Of Heritage Centers

Singapore is a small country, where you can explore vast things like nature, adventure, heritage, culture and traditions and not the least vibrant night life. If you are planning to Singapore, then few facts about the city should be known properly, particularly about the rules and regulations of the government. It has strict rules for cleanliness, use of drugs and the happy thing is, it allows the entertaining games like online casino Singapore.

The city is so modernized, and people are incorporating the modern life style, but they are not cornering the cultures and traditions. The people are still following the traditions in an effective manner. The heritage centers of Singapore are representing about the people beliefs in traditions from olden days and in present as well. Few of the heritage monuments are raffles hotel, Sri Mariamman temple and Thien Hock Keng temple.

Heritage center Singapore - Singapore- The Hub Of Heritage CentersRaffle’s hotel is one of the oldest and richest hotel in singapore. The hotel was built during 1901 and many richest people or VIP’s like Michael Jackson used to stay in this hotel during their visit to singapore. The architecture of the hotel represents the history, the paintings inside the hotel and the theme of the hotel stands as an icon of rich culture and traditions of singapore.

Thien Hock Keng temple is one of the oldest Chinese temple located in china town. When the people from china migrated to Singapore for business purpose, they first landed over this place and they believe in the goddess as they blessed them with the safe way of life. The temple has been constructed during the time of raffle by adopting the southern Chinese architecture. The materials required for the construction of the temple such as timber and stones are shipped from south china and craftsmen as well. Because of all these, the temple is now standing as a symbol of Chinese traditions.

You may wonder if I say, Sri Mariamman temple is located in the middle of china town. As we know most of the Indians are located in a colonial district called Little india, but the temple is located in china town. For this reason, the Indian people frequently visit china town and perform their rituals and the Chinese people don’t trouble them in any manner. They celebrate the festival called Timithi every year and the local people also assembles during the celebration. All these factors represents the diversity of Singaporeans in culture and traditions.

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