Differentiate Between Authentic and Forge Amulets

lp toh wat pradoochimplee phra pitda - Differentiate Between Authentic and Forge AmuletsHow Thailand people fake the amulets for commercial purpose? How to make difference between real and fake? 101 question in your mind? The information what is given here might help you better way. Amulets are special and its best to check them before buying. Spending time to find is better than regretting later.

There are different types of luck charms and they are divided into different categories. They are like pagoda amulet, modern amulet, famous monk amulet like Phra Pidta LP Toh. They are also differentiated with materials like metal, dust, earth, etc. Lastly, we can categorize new monk amulet or commercial Buddhism amulets. These are the amulets made by most monks who will be having spiritual powers.

Main things are that is tough to say how many types and value of amulets are there as every day different type of amulets are being made.  As the natives itself can’t memories how many of the temples are there in their provenance same applies with amulets.  Due to technology these days forgery of amulets has become more common. You will find 98% to 99% of match between real and fake amulets and it becomes impossible to find difference. By using printers and scanner its easy to fake the amulets even the hair of cat likely scanned in scanners.

However, whatever the technology may come in the market its not possible to forge the amulets for 100%. The way antique amulets are made are unique the procedure they follow will give unique traits. For example, medallion amulets are made by metal, there will be a trace leftover the corner of medallions when it will be pressed by pressing machines. The pressing technology keeps changing from decades, so every amulet will be made with different and improved machines. Every amulet that are made will be having the details in small & subtle, details mainly contain how may time does the amulets went through pressing, these cannot be forge by anyone.

Previously amulets were given as thank you gifts, from temples for temple-goers. The reason behind this is the construction of the temple was relied on the workforce of local community. In those day abbots didn’t had any money to reword them for their effort. For this purpose, they were making medals or amulets to commemorate project.

The amount of copper utilized in medallion will help to find done the amulets is fake or not. As the copper price is high these days, forgers may not use more copper in their amulets. One simple way is that you can easily find out by seeing the material if they are authentic their material will be aged. Every material shows the age of the amulets, like splitting all nails to 3 groups. Keep first in drawer, second you bury under earth and last you place in sun. every nail will show you different decay. So, what you can do is study history of amulets decay marks based on that you can decide what they are in actual.

There are several different ways where you can find the authenticity of amulets but for that you should have knowledge on culture, art, history, some chemistry also.

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