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In the US, people are not very fond of soccer, but in Tri St Lucia, soccer is one of our deepest passions. We’re a magazine dedicated to explore and showcase some of the best soccer events in the world with a special focus on international competitions and European clubs.

Tony Martin is the brain behind all of this. He’s a soccer lover who used to play and even trained some minor league teams when he was younger. He wanted to create an outlet not just to cover the most relevant soccer events, but also to help young players with their technique and training methods.

In 2015, the journey began, and we’ve been going stronger and stronger ever since. We still want to grow even bigger and find more writers to create lots of content in the form of tutorials, match analysis, articles, covered events, tactical reviews, and even players and managers’ profiles.

Millions of people from all over the world praise this beautiful sport, but we wanted to get that attention here in the states. We have a quite specialized team of experts who love and watch soccer pretty much every day. They’re the ones who can actually write good match analysis and tactical reviews. If you’re a serious sports fan and have a deep tick about soccer, keep reading this blog.

Tony Martin – Chief Editor of Tri St Lucia